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Wiki Assignment

Page history last edited by J.-P. Brichta 9 years, 2 months ago

Welcome to the group STSE wiki page!


This assignment will allow students to focus on one aspect of electric, magnetic, or gravitational fields in depth and explore scientific principles and technological applications in "real-life" scenarios. When all groups have completed and posted their assignments, the class wiki will contain a page for each course that will serve as a valuable resource for all students. 


Assignment Expectations


Each group of 2-3 students will choose one application of electric, magnetic, or gravitational fields. For that application, the students will provide:

  • A description of an application with a clear connection to our study of electric, magnetic, and gravitational fields. This application should exist at present or be in near development. No science fiction. The application should illustrate a connection between science and technology, society, or the environment.
  • Appropriate terminology should be used throughout the assignment.
  • A variety of external links or resources should be included. There should be a minimum of three, but feel free to use more so long as it does not detract from the overall message. Good resources might include Youtube videos, applets, product specifications, interactive games, etc. Be creative!
  • The wiki produced should not be overly long, but suitable for a single reading experience by a 4U Physics student.
  • There should be some aesthetic appeal (within the limitations of the wiki format) and few to no spelling and grammar errors.
  • A "cool" factor is encouraged.
  • Please cite/acknowledge sources for any files you did not personally create.
  • At the end of your wiki, you should attach (Word or PDF) a problem suitable for a test or quiz. If possible (that is to say, if the math is suitable for this course), this problem should be math-based and include "realistic" numbers drawn from your investigation and a full solution. If the math is not tractable, include a fact-based question drawn from the information in your wiki. (Changed April 19)
  • This assignment must be submitted electronically to the class wiki: sjam4uphysics.pbworks.com.


Evaluation Criteria


Assessment will be based on scientific completeness, applicability of links and resources, and coherence and clarity in writing. Wikis will be evaluated using the rubric attached below by Mr. Brichta and other students in the class.


Due Dates / Deliverables


Friday, April 1: By the end of class, you must inform Mr. Brichta who is in your group (remember, there must be two or three group members).

Thursday, April 7 (changed): By the end of class, you must inform Mr. Brichta of your group's topic. Each group must do a unique topic, so if you are desperate to do electric bug zappers, you may wish to tell Mr. Brichta early.

Thursday, April 21: Wikis are due by noon, posted to the class wiki in the appropriate folder. Some of these may be discussed in class that day.


Project Ideas

Ideas for STSE Wiki.docx


Evaluation Tool

Wiki Rubric.docx


Group and Topic List

If I have made a mistake somewhere, please let me know. I will fix it as soon as superhumanly possible.


'D' - Block


Group Members
Logan C. and Tyler M.
Julia T., Shane W., and Amelia F.
Rachel S., Kuangshu Y., and Linda L.
Stereoscopic Effects
Sherry G., Yuki W., and Jin K.
Harsimar A., Omer A., and Imran M.
Muhammad K., Hasibur R., and Qamar F. 
Ian B. and Will M.
Wireless Electricity
Nancy X., Nima H., and Katelyn K. Black Holes
Nura R., Natila F., and Neha P. Antilock Braking Systems (ABS)
Rachel G., Lucas W., and Josh H. Electronic Ink
Claire W. and Zahra B. Sunspots


'E' - Block (The most amazing, good-looking, and cool block. Also did i mention we are amazing?)

From left to right: Jamie S, JT S, Chris P, Chris M


Group Members
Chris M. and Boromir
Aurora Borealis
John G., Jun A., and Jeff T.
Maglev Trains
Eva H. and Yufei S.
James S. and JT S.
Regenerative Braking
Ben R., Arvin Z., and Guled A.
Mina V., Bronwyn S., and Claire H.
Hammerhead Sharks
Michaela F., Christina N., and Dania A.-L.
CT Scanner
Marwan A., Salik M., and Rafae S.
Neil G. and Ryan T.
Electron Gun
Derek M., Matt D., and Robin G.
Arne H., Chen F., and Stanley B.
Electric Guitars



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clairehiggs said

at 7:31 pm on Apr 19, 2011

Hey Mr. Brichta!
Could you please change the title of our wiki from 'sharks' to 'hammerhead sharks'? Thanks!

J.-P. Brichta said

at 9:13 am on Apr 23, 2011


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