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Fields Unit

Page history last edited by J.-P. Brichta 9 years, 2 months ago

This is the page for the Fields unit taught by Mr. Brichta. It includes the notes, class questions, and solutions. It does not include all of Mr. B.'s awesome jokes. They wouldn't fit. If you are looking for the Wiki Assignment page, it is here.


Homework, Textbook Connections
Electric Charge and the Structure of Matter
SPH Unit 7.1.pdf   Visit the wiki (you are here)
Coulomb's Law
SPH Unit 7.2.pdf   p. 330 Q 1, 5, 6
Electric Fields
SPH Unit 7.3.pdf   p. 347 Q 3, 4, 6
Electric Potential
SPH Unit 7.4.pdf   Worksheet 2
The Millikan Experiment
SPH Unit 7.5.pdf    
Charged Particles in Fields
SPH Unit 7.6.pdf  


Equipotential Surfaces SPH Unit 7.7.pdf  
More Electric Potential SPH Unit 7.8.pdf  
Natural Magnetism and Electromagnetism

SPH Unit 8.1.pdf


Read 8.1 in Textbook
Magnetic Force on Moving Charges

SPH Unit 8.2.pdf

Developing the Force on a moving charge.pptx

Read 8.2 in Textbook

Magnetic Force on a Conductor

SPH Unit 8.3.pdf

Electric Motors.pptx

Ampere's Law (Extra)
SPH Unit 8.4.pdf This will not be tested
Electromagnetic Induction SPH Unit 8.5.pdf  



Electric Fields Worksheet.docx

Electric Fields Worksheet 2.docx

Magnetic Fields Worksheet.docx


TRIUMF Videos (these go to youtube)

Part 1: Initial Acceleration

Part 2: Electrostatic Beam Steering

Part 3: Circular Motion in a Magnetic Field

Part 4: Magnetic Beam Steering


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